October 2023

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Wendi's Corner

Brought to you by our founder – Wendi Mathis Held

AVS vs. Full Service Agency
Amazon is chasing money and margin and they are pulling out all the margin building options to hit their number. That includes AVS (Amazon Vendor Services) and now they have an entry level program called AVS Essentials ($0-$10M) vs AVS Signature ($10M+) The differences between the two programs is Essentials has an offshore POC vs US based and the meetings are quarterly vs monthly. Cost varies, usually around 2-5% of invoices and always negotiable.

What do they offer?

  1. Reporting
  2. Catalog support: New Item Set-ups,
  3. Deal Submission
  4. Chargeback support
  5. Monthly/Quarterly meetings

So why Agency (i.e. True Hero) vs AVS

If you have done your due diligence on hiring a full-service agency then they will far exceed what AVS can offer. Your agency team works for YOU. It is their goal and incentive to grow your brand, tell your story, increase glance views and conversion. A great agency has a team of experienced people who know how to navigate all the changes and quirks of working with Amazon. AND We care about YOUR margin We work for you!

AVS will throw content up on the page using basic templates. Agency teams will research best keywords, update titles, bullets, A+ pages to increase SEO, making your marketing dollars go further. We will tell your brand story to keep customers and capture new ones.

AVS does not handle marketing/PPC or brand stores. This is key for agencies who are full service. The True Hero flywheel is what makes the process work - sales, marketing, creative, content and finance all working together for the brand.

We created an PDF of AVS vs True Hero - check it out below

True Hero vs. Amazon Vendor Services (AVS)

Work Flow Comparison

Task TH Frequency TH AVS
Monthly Newsletter October 2023 Monthly x
New Item Setups (NIS) As needed x x
New Item Setups (NIS) As needed x x
Weekly WTS with focus on top styles/ASINs driving the business Weekly x x
Identify risks and opportunities and intigrate into plan Weekly x
Assist with New Item Launch strategy and execution As needed x x
Monthly Review of keywords: backend, titles, bullets, A+ content Monthly x
Create a bottoms up forecast by sku for each year, season, month Monthly x
A/B Testing on Content Always On x
Review the business with you each week/month Weekly x
Update Titles, Bullets and Descriptions as necessary Weekly x
Fix broken PDP, variations and suppressed ASINs Weekly x x
Amazon Reviews analysis Monthly x x
Amazon Return analysis Monthly x x
Respond to customer questions, feedback, and reviews on Amazon Seller Central Daily x
Create strategy using your brands vision Always On x
Work with brand partners to review business and create overall strategy on Amazon Weekly x
Weekly report reviewing business, risks and opportunties Weekly x
Business Review/Analytics/Reporting Weekly x x
Promotional Strategy and Execution Weekly x x
New Item Launch Strategy and Execution As needed x
Operation Review Monthly x x
Create a detailed campaign strategy using branded, non-branded and product keywords Weekly x
Create a detailed campaign strategy using branded, non-branded and product keywords Weekly x
Monitors campaigns daily to maximize return and stay on budget Daily x
Advertising Account Management Daily x
Create Prime Day plan and execute As needed x x
Utilize Coupons and Events to Increase Traffic As needed x x
Analyze and Strategize SEO Daily x
Utilize Full Scope of Amazon Advertising Tools Daily x
PPC/DSP Strategy and Review on Request Weekly x
Develop Brand Loyalty on Amazon Daily x
Upload and Manage Content As needed x
Send Specific Recommendations to Marketing Team Monthly x
Content Best Practice Direction Monthly
Update Bullets and Images in PDP Daily x x
Create and Update Brand Stores on Amazon Monthly x
Integrate Keywords and SEO to Bullets and Descriptions Monthly
Work with Team to Create Content for Post, Brand Stores, and A+ Weekly x
Create and Manage A+ Pages for Products As needed x x
AVN Negotiation Yearly x
Amazon 3P and Hybrid Support Daily x
We Work for Your Brand - Not Amazon! Always! x
Advocate for Your Brands on Amazon Always! x
Dedicated Team for Your Brands Always! x

The Crucial Role of Amazon Follow

In the ever-expanding realm of online retail, Amazon Follow has emerged as a game-changer, bridging the gap between customers and sellers. This ingenious feature has cemented its importance, creating a seamless connection for users and sellers alike.

For customers, Amazon Follow is a vital tool to curate their shopping experience. It ensures that they stay up to date with their favorite brands and products. This means never missing out on new releases, exclusive discounts, or limited-time promotions. With Amazon Follow, users enjoy a tailored and convenient shopping journey, saving time and money in the process.

Sellers, on the other hand, reap numerous benefits from this feature. Amazon Follow provides them with a direct channel to engage with their most loyal customers. This fosters brand loyalty and trust, allowing businesses to create a devoted customer base that repeatedly turns to them for their shopping needs.

In a world where information overload is a constant challenge, Amazon Follow provides focus and personalization. It highlights the significance of nurturing customer relationships in the e-commerce landscape. Amazon's commitment to innovation and user-centric enhancements stands out through Amazon Follow, serving the best interests of both consumers and businesses in this ever- changing digital marketplace.

-April Ure, TH Marketing Manager

The Push for Sustainable Packaging in the Online Retail World

Did you know that waste from productpackaging amounted to 82 million tons(according to the EPA) and 2018 and hasonly increased in the following years due tothe increase in online orders? Despitecardboard and other packaging being maderecyclable, a significant portion still finds itsway to landfills and waterways, exacerbatingthe global waste problem. Recently, there hasbeen a huge shift to creating and usingpackaging and shipping methods that arebetter for the shipper, planet, and appeal toan eco-conscious buyer.

Amazon has jumped on the train to developmore sustainable packaging and shippingmethods. The goal for them is to eliminateextra packaging where possible. Amazon hasstarted implementing the “ships in its owncontainer” (SIOC) program, allowing productsto be shipped in the packaging they come in,not using another box or poly mailer. Thiscreates a more eco-friendly shipping processbecause the less space a package takes up theless carbon is produced, and less packagingmeans less waste is created. If boxes ormailers are used, they are all curbsiderecyclable and created with a lower carbonfootprint than other cardboard boxes.

Innovative technologies are also used to optimize the type of packaging a product is shipped in, ensuring the safety of the product while not overusing packaging. While Amazon still has progress to make in terms of environmental sustainability, its commitment to innovating its packaging processes is commendable.

The demand for more sustainable shipping materials is on the rise, leading to the emergence of brands that produce recyclable or compostable boxes and poly- mailers at prices like their conventional counterparts. As e-commerce and online orders continue to surge, companies like Amazon have a responsibility to adapt their processes to meet customer demands while considering the environmental impact.

The future of shipping will inevitably require a substantial shift in packaging practices if companies are to meet net-zero goals and address the climate crisis. In the dynamic landscape of e-commerce, the drive towards sustainable packaging and shipping methods is not just an option; it's a necessity for the well-being of our planet.

-Sophie Johnsen, TH operation manager/Intern