May 2023

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So, what are Amazon Posts and why should I be using them?

As the name might suggest (or at least, hopefully it does), Posts are Amazon’s solution to a social media feed on the Amazon site. They allow your brand to post (for lack of a better word) lifestyle content and captions to highlight your product line and further develop your brand story, while linking to up to 10 product ASINs. In their current version, Posts are displayed below the fold on desktop and mobile and as a sub-page on your brand store, but it goes without saying that Amazon’s algorithm ultimately makes the call on where your Posts show up, based on relevance and customer shopping patterns.

To reap the most benefit from the program you should employ Posts as an extension of your DTC content and existing social media presence. Telling your brand story on Amazon is always a challenge! It can be easy to get lost in the shuffle when you’re vying with millions of competitors for sales. So, use Posts to tell these customers your why, and as a chance to further educate and inspire potential shoppers. You can strategically call out new items, bestsellers, and promotional items during key periods, as well as highlight your products in action with engaging images. Have fun with your copy and create catchy and witty captions or simply explain why someone needs your product.

Ultimately, Posts not only educate your customer they also encourage shoppers to click the elusive “follow brand” button. They will receive engagement emails and stay updated on your brand news.

Currently, Posts is in beta mode so it’s a free service. Try posting 2-3 times a week and see how this impacts your brand followers and brand-store visits. Report back and let us know how you get on!
-Anna Cutts, True Heros Fabulous Marketing Manager “Stay afraid, but do it anyway. What’s important is the action. You don’t have to wait to be confident. Just do it and eventually the confidence will follow.”
– Carrie Fisher

Will AI change how we create content for Amazon?

“Discover our extensive collection of men’s sun shirts designed to provide ultimate protection during all your outdoor activities. Whether you’re fishing, hiking, or hitting the beach, our long-sleeve UV shirts offer exceptional sun protection with UPF 50+ rating. Made with lightweight and moisture-wicking fabric, these shirts keep you cool and dry while shielding your skin from harmful rays. Choose from a variety of styles, including hooded and non-hooded options, and enjoy the convenience of pockets for your essentials. Upgrade your outdoor wardrobe with our top-rated sun shirts and embrace the sun with confidence.”

This product description was written from the AI application Chat GPT. All I did was ask the AI service to write me a short, 1 paragraph, product description for a men’s Hiking shirt using the top 50 SEO keywords for a hiking shirt. I gave no other instructions and no other information. If I were a customer on Amazon or any other site and I saw this product description I wouldn’t think it was written by AI and I would consider purchasing this product.

AI applications like Chat GPT are nothing to be afraid of (This isn’t a sci-fi movie yet). Using Chat GPT to create content can be a great tool if you are creating lots of Content. In our very first TH newsletter our Content Lead Cori Lawrence wrote about the developing future of AI generated content. Well, it looks like the future caught up fast. AI is shaping up to be an amazing new tool for creating product content.
-Sophie Johnsen and Chat GPT

Wendi’s Corner

You give agencies a bad name

Brought to you by our founder – Wendi Mathis Held

Last month I started with a quote from Simon Sinek. Essentially it was that service is about doing more than expected. Unfortunately, the more brands and sellers I talk to the more I keep hearing about agencies over promising and under-delivering. Agencies promising big returns, huge increases in sales, solving all the problems on Amazon. I am sure we have lost deals to some of these agencies. Why? Because I will not over promise and under-deliver. Amazon is not getting easier. There are no guarantees because there are too many variables!

  • Amazon changing rules on what, how and why a product surfaces
  • Competition: new and existing and how they are updating their own strategy
  • Other brands and sellers going against TOS
  • Change in Vendor Manager (To name a few)

What can we promise?

  • You will know who is managing your brand and how to reach them
  • We will work for you and your brand – we are incentivized to grow you business!
  • Our team will hit deadlines and communicate when we hit a snag.
  • Communication: If are a current client, you know I am always available if there is an issue (and I rarely hear from our current clients!)
  • No blame shifting. Identify the problem, find a solution. No finger pointing, history on who/what – do the work. We will own our mistakes