January 2023

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Tools we are watching / implementing in 2023

  • Amazon Live
  • Video - so much about the video
  • A+ Premium
  • Stores -what is new?
  • Posts - how are we using these and are they really that important?

Content is King

- Cori Lawrence is a Lead Content Manager at True Hero.

Video: I am sure we all saw Amazon testing new ways for customers to search and view items i n Q4. As Amazon has come out with Amazon Live, Posts, and Reels, they are slowly creating a space like social media such as Instagram and Tik Tok. This is the time to create engaging video that showcases your product.

A/B Testing: Don't guess, test! We tend to drown in our own industry where industry terms seem like common language but are completely foreign to the novice consumer. Amazon has opened their A/B testing abilities to include Product Titles, Main Images, A+, Product Description, and Bullets. Need something sooner or more? Companies like PickFu can offer quick A/B testing within hours to days from real Amazon consumers. Above the Fold Images: Is your Main image just like all your competitors? Try changing up your angle, shadows, perspective.

I know we are limited on manipulation of the Main image, but how can you make yours look different to stand out from the grid of your competitors products.

Marketing Update

With every New Year comes new challenges and new competition on the advertising front. Here are three strategies our Marketing Managers execute at the calendar turn to create a successful start to 2023:

  1. Assess the landscape on the platform within the search results – are we consistently showing on key terms? Are there new competitors bidding on our branded terms? Are we overpriced, underpriced, or just right compared to the competition?
  2. Analyze what has been working consistently – Q1 can still yield some of the highest bids of the year by a cost per click basis due to some Q4 lag. What has worked year in and year out? Our Marketing Managers fuel those strategies to alleviate any pain points from an ROI standpoint while still being aggressive with other campaigns.
  3. Diligently examining what terms our ads are surfacing on – Amazon is always testing new things… whether it be new ad types, new algorithms, etc. our Marketing Managers are constantly checking in to ensure the AI bidding Amazon is doing for us is staying efficient and most importantly, profitable.

Wendi's Corner

Welcome to the True Hero Monthly Newsletter

Brought to you by our founder – Wendi Mathis Held

It is not surprise that there are more changes happening at Amazon in 2023. If there is one constant to working with the largest retailer in the world, it's that nothing is constant! It was leaked the first week of the new year that Amazon would lay off 18k people. When and who are unclear, but Amazon has confirmed it is happening. There has yet to be an announcement that will directly affect the Outdoor Industry. The Sport & Outdoor GL will be moving to Softline P&L. Jim Adkins' retirement lead to the shift in leadership. What does that mean for our brands? At this point, we can only speculate, but here are our top 4 predictions:

  1. Softlines has more resources than the current GL which should help to enhance the buying process. Softlines traditionally is known for not doing long lead buys but rumor is the S&O process will stay in place.
  2. AVN could become more difficult as Softlines has different KPIs. Vendors and their partners (like True Hero) will need to come fully prepared for these discussions.
  3. Strong and experienced leadership from Softlines as they have a more mature business model. S&O was usually 9-18 months behind softlines on implementing programs.
  4. All new leadership - at what levels are still unknown but we can expect new leads starting soon. That is always concerning if you have a great relationship with your current team!