February 2023

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Wendi is starting a podcast! Watch out or Boss Lady and Friends! The podcast will cover all things Business, ownership, female entrepreneurs, family/work life balance, finances! Make sure to follow True Hero and Wendi on Linked-In for small pieces of content through out your week!

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Building a Healthier Amazon Advertising Account: The Role of Campaign Diversity

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, reaching a broad, yet still relevant audience is critical the success of Amazon advertising. By diversifying campaigns, advertisers can effectively tamp customers with different purchasing habits and preferences.

Campaign diversity allows for the testing of various strategies and tactics to identify what works best for the business. This optimization helps to maximize ad spend and achieve the most out of the advertising budget.

Each campaign serves a specific goal to achieve a variety of objectives. For example, sponsored product ads are perfect for promoting individual products, while sponsored brand ads can help build brand awareness and secure that coveted Top of Search placement.

By creating a variety of campaigns that work together, the impact of advertising efforts is maximized, and better results are achieved. With campaign diversity, advertisers can analyze which campaign types are performi well and which ones need improvement, gaining insights into what strategies resonat with the target audience.

Campaign diversity is key to Amazon advertising. It enables advertisers to effectiv target their desired audience, optimize their spend, and achieve the most out of their advertising budget. By using different types campaigns that work in unison, advertisers build a healthier account structure with a g of success in mind.

-Kayin Hunter, True Hero Marketing Mana

The Future Of Content is Getting Real

If You are only creating content for today, you are already behind. As AI and Virtual Reality innovations proceed to grow, we are already seeing this integrated into the e-commerce world

  • Chat GBT/AI writing is Coming in Hot! Could you depend on a machine to output copy? I thing it depends on what you are writing for. Programs are still in their infancy, but its a great space to get inspired or get past writers block. Always make sure you have that human connection though, you never want to sound like a robot.
  • Amazon is already testing virtual try-on for apparel or AR to see furniture in your own space. Google just announced that they are launching new AI to improve product discoverability and customer engagement to include a new "trending products" tool that will reflect, in real time, products that demonstrate an increase rate of searched and interactions, new opportunities to use 3D visuals, and shopping guides that aggregate data from customer reviews, product listing, and third-party sources (Amazon)

How are you getting ahead in your category. 3D, AI, and AR is coming for all industries. Think about the opportunity to offer customers more interaction with your product on a digital shelf. It's time to start thinking ahead.

- Cori Lawernce, True Hero Lead Content Manager

Wendi's Corner

Welcome to the True Hero Monthly Newsletter

Brought to you by our founder – Wendi Mathis Held

I am a big fan and believer of face to face meetings, happy hours and events. Whenever possible, I will jump on a plane or get in the van to go see clients. potential clients, family, Amazonian's and friends! In August 2020, True Hero went back to our roots (we started the company in an RV) and purchased a ford transit. Andy put in insulation, flooring, a bed and we started driving to see the people! It made me feel more connected to our team, family, and partners. Now that we are traveling more frequently, and the world has opened back up- I am taking all the trips! In January and February: I have been to OR in Salt Lake City to see brands, VMs, colleagues and friends. Baby Bath Water in Cabo to learn and connect with amazing entrepreneurs, mentors and founders. Wisconsin to meet in person with brand partners. Then heading to Seattle later this month for on campus Amazon meetings. True Hero has always been a remote company. Video meetings are a way of life for us. In my experience nothing compares to being face- to-face over wine, coffee and bread 😉 Want to meet up? Let me know and we'll make it happen!