April 2023

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True Hero's 6 Pillars of Success

Over the 10 years of helping our brands maximize their business on Amazon, the pillars below have been tried and true since the start. As we all know, Amazon is ever evolving and changing but, at the center of each, the basis has held true. It's a list I continue to utilize for each of our brands, even today.

  1. Get Brand Registered!
  2. Control your distribution
  3. Optimize product detail pages; above and below the fold
  4. Optimize Marketing levers
  5. Set strategic promotional opportunities and support with AA
  6. Stay In Stock!!

-From Mandy Luna, Mandy has been with True Hero for 10 years and is a fantastic Account Manager

What is an Amazon Brand Store and why are we always refreshing them?

In traditional brick-and-mortar stores, retailers are able to merchandise products together from the same brand in an area of their store to create a collection. In the Amazon world, we can only showcase one product at a time on a product detail page. This is where we can leverage an Amazon Brand Store.

An Amazon Brand Store is a dedicated space within Amazon’s website where customers can browse your entire product catalog without interruption from competitors. Your Amazon Brand Store is an extension of your brand, so it is important to ensure that it has the same look and feel as your own D2C site. The Brand Store can be accessed by customers in three ways – through a unique URL, through a Sponsored Brand advertising campaign, or organically when the customer clicks the linked brand name under the product title (also called a ‘byline’).

Keeping content fresh is key when it comes to your Brand Store. We have the opportunity to get creative with images, infographics, and even videos for your product. Brand Stores are never finalized and it’s important to keep your store up to date for both new and returning customers. According to Amazon, on average, Brand Stores updated within the last 90 days have 21% more repeat visitors and 35% higher attributed sales per visitor. Reasons to update your Brand Store can include a content refresh, new releases, seasonal shifts, and current deals you’re offering on Amazon. By regularly refreshing the content on your Amazon brand store, you can create a consistent experience across your D2C site and on Amazon that can help increase brand recognition, trustworthiness, and sales

-April Ure, April is a spectacular Marketing manager with TH

Why Sustainability Matters to True Hero

The TH team finds its happy place on the trail, snow, or finding time to be outside. Both Wendi and Andy started the company with their love of the outdoors in mind. Being a skier, hiker, runner, and biker is embedded in our company and our values.

We recognize that the love of the outdoors must come hand in hand with respect and stewardship for the land we love. Today clothing and product production is a leading cause of the climate crisis, creating excess waste, overuse of water, and fossil fuel use leading to carbon emissions.

At True Hero, we want to prevent further environmental degradation by recognizing our environmental impact and taking action through working with sustainably conscious brands and changing from within. We want to protect the outdoors so our team, partners, and families can continue to enjoy nature and find inspiration for years.

In upcoming newsletters, feature stories will be highlighting environmental problems in the outdoor industry and solutions or alternatives.

-Sophie Johnsen, TH operations intern, currently attending the University of Oregon for Environmental Studies and Sustainable Business

Wendi's Corner

Welcome to the True Hero Monthly Newsletter

Brought to you by our founder – Wendi Mathis Held

“Service isn’t doing what’s expected of us. Service is doing more than what’s expected of us” - Simon Sinek

True Hero is a full-SERVICE agency. TH leadership team emphasizes this FACT during each internal call. Our brand partners expect great service and I expect us to give them even greater service than they expect. We are an extension of your brand, more than an agency, part of your internal team.

How? What do you want to expect from your agency?

    • Never lost, no brand left behind. If we sign a contract to work with you, we will be dedicated. You know who your brand team is and how to reach them. Period.
    • Communication: Every brand has a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly call depending on their preference. We believe that you should know what is going on each week with your business through reporting and meetings.
    • Going above what is expected: I started writing out in detail, but the list is too long! We do all the things and continue to find more ways to serve and grow your brand on and off Amazon.

Our tagline is Everyone Needs a Hero. We want to stay or be yours!