True Hero Times

November 2023

Download full issue (.pdf) Wendi’s Corner Brought to you by our founder – Wendi Mathis Held Don’t overlook the basics. Don’t ignore the foundation. How long can a tree remain standing without the roots?” James Clear (Yes, another James Clear quote; he’s just too good!) For brands selling on Amazon, the basics are the foundation […]

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October 2023

Download full issue (.pdf) Wendi’s Corner Brought to you by our founder – Wendi Mathis Held AVS vs. Full Service Agency Amazon is chasing money and margin and they are pulling out all the margin building options to hit their number. That includes AVS (Amazon Vendor Services) and now they have an entry level program

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September 2023

Download full issue (.pdf) The Importance of a Refreshed Q4 Strategy The rush of Q4 can be a stressful period for e-commerce sellers, especially those banking on the performance of a 3rd party marketplace like Amazon. The first rule of Q4 prep is that you’re never too early, and if you think you’re ahead of

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August 2023

Download full issue (.pdf) Amazon Q2 Earnings: Opinion There has been a lot of talk about Amazon’s Q2 Earnings. Some of the common responses have been that Andy Jassy is a good CEO (quite the shift), stronger margins than anticipated, shipping speeds getting better and continued investing in advertising, happy shareholders. What is True Hero

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July 2023

Download full issue (.pdf) The Planet vs. Returns Let’s talk about returns, they are inevitable, and they have a serious environmental impact. Amazon orders result in a lot of returns, it’s estimated that 30-40% of online orders will be returned. In December-January alone there is an estimated 1 million returned products from Amazon customers. There

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June 2023

Download full issue (.pdf) Team Connection in a Remote World How in the world do you connect on a remote team? Well, there’s no easy solution. I believe it’s the little things that make a big difference. In 2023, as a team, we decided to have a Monday morning check in. It’s short and simple,

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May 2023

Download full issue (.pdf) So, what are Amazon Posts and why should I be using them? As the name might suggest (or at least, hopefully it does), Posts are Amazon’s solution to a social media feed on the Amazon site. They allow your brand to post (for lack of a better word) lifestyle content and

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April 2023

Download full issue (.pdf) True Hero’s 6 Pillars of Success Over the 10 years of helping our brands maximize their business on Amazon, the pillars below have been tried and true since the start. As we all know, Amazon is ever evolving and changing but, at the center of each, the basis has held true.

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