Boss Lady and Friends Podcast

Wendi Mathis Held, founder of True Hero and Allen Investments talks about entrepreneurship, finance, management, work/life balance, real estate, running and growing a small company and being a female business owner. Wendi, Andy Held and friends offer real talk about all the good, bad and hard points about being in business.

Collaborative Focus

This month’s Boss Lady And Friends covers the power of Collaborative Focus. The True Hero team is built with the importance of collaboration in mind. When starting the business Wendi and Andy saw a huge disconnect between the sales, marketing, and content teams in the outdoor retail industry and wanted to be the solution to …

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Mastermind Means Community

This month Wendi discusses her experiences with her amazing Mastermind group, Exit DNA, and mentor Mac Lackey. She discusses the key takeaways and advice she has learned through not only her mastermind group but her friends, family, and colleagues. Apple Podcasts Spotify

You don’t have to be alone!

In the first episode of Boss Lady and Friends Wendi talks about what it means to be entrepreneur and how she is finding of ways to not go at it alone. Apple Podcasts Spotify