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Case Studies

We have formed many successful relationships helping our clients strategize and optimize their approach to selling on Amazon.

Read about some of our experiences below.

200% Growth

A trusted brand partner referred us to a company who wanted to grow 200% in a year. This was a mature brand with 80% brand recognition in the U.S. Without hesitation, we knew that if they were willing to follow the plan, we could achieve their goal.


How Did We Do It?

It started with looking at the existing business and identify the low hanging fruit - out of stocks, poor content, broken variations, low conversion, reviews, all the little things that can make an impact.
Then we started to look at assortment on Amazon to see where we needed to go deeper and where we needed to get leaner. We looked at their business globally, used industry data, tracked competition on and off Amazon and came up with a plan. Once we had a good core assortment and updated PDPs, we really dug in! What was the bottoms up forecast to hit the 6-figure number by ASIN? What did we need the brand to invest in PPC, DSP, promotions, and new item launches? They were on board to do what we needed - bring in inventory ahead of demand, spend the dollars (based on invoices and good ROAS) and start the talks with our Amazon Vendor Managers. When we presented our business plan for the next year to the VM, they got excited, they were ready to partner! It took some risk on all sides, but the risk was worth the reward! We continue to grow this business globally on Amazon. It’s been a fun ride!

Fulfillment Solutions

One of our brand partners came to us with very poor shipping rates. Every shipment sent to Amazon was being flagged for labeling issues. This delayed the receiving process and incurred additional fees.

We worked with this brands fulfillment center to change the labeling to achieve compliance with Amazon’s fulfillment centers. This saved them from having shipments into FBA turned off. Their inventory went from months to days to be received and sellable to customers. We were able to stop the chargebacks and it doubled the brands sales in the following 3 months.


One Size Does Not Fit All

The first brand we started with had an in-house marketing person managing their Amazon PPC. Like many, you don’t know what you don’t know. They sought our help. We always start with listening – what are the pain points, inventory positions, key categories, budgets, other KPIs, etc. 

The first thing we discovered was they were given an arbitrary ROAS to hit. We started with eliminating the benchmark on all campaigns and looked at a blended ROAS. PPC is not one-size fits all.

Next, we reviewed the overall budget to see where dollars were being allocated. Our expert opinion was, they were too promotional, we asked to appropriate the funds to different buckets: PPC, promotions, new item launch and retail partnership opportunities.

Our PPC Managers are always on budget and always yield an overall better ROAS than what Amazon benchmarks as “healthy”. They listen and focus where the brand is focused.


SKU Rationalization

A brand was recommended to us by a DMM at Amazon – what an honor! They were a very well-known brand in the US and we already knew and loved their product! When we looked at the catalog, we knew we had our work cut out for us. There were over 10k ASINs- we needed to start with sku rationalization and identify what was really driving the business. Our team discovered one category was driving 80% of the business. We worked with the brand to get funds to move through the other product. We made more room for the category that was driving the business and in turn, Amazon agreed to write orders to solidify the partnership. Today, we are doing more business with less than 1K ASINs.


Today, we are doing more business with less than 1K ASINs, a healthy core business with room to grow!

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