Amazon Account Management

True Hero will help you develop and execute a strategy specifically designed for your Brand. Our process starts with hearing your goals and objectives overall and specific to Amazon. Then laying out an entire brand strategy. If you are already on Amazon we will review the existing business and give feedback on the next 3-10 things we would do if we were to partner with you (Free!).

We will lay out a strategy including recommendations on which Amazon platform by style, bottoms up forecast by sku, marketing strategy and promotional plan. With factoring your Brands goals and needs, this data will guide us toward which online retail platform is best. 1P, 3P or Hybrid sales model.

Together, we will navigate your brand on the largest e-commerce site. We handle everything from assortment planning, forecasting, day to day Amazon issues, pricing and SEO. We have been working with Amazon since 2006 and have extensive backgrounds in both planning and buying. We are your go-to team for all things Amazon.

Amazon Sales Strategies


A first-party relationship with Amazon means that you sell your products directly to Amazon. Amazon then sells those products to customers. Your role as the vendor is to fulfill purchase orders (PO) sent by Amazon and ship the product to Amazon. Prime, logistics, FBA, Exclusive placement benefits, Low inventory risk.


A third-party relationship with Amazon you sell your products directly to consumers on the Amazon marketplace. You have control over the advertising, marketing and other logistics of your products, including shipping. FBA is available but must be negotiated.

Hybrid 1P & 3P

A combination of these strategies depending upon your Brands needs. Launching new product or more focused controlled selection.

Account Managers

Your brand’s main point of contact and will ensure the highest level of communication


Every True Hero Account Manager has a background in retail, planning and/or merchandising. They love and manage all the data, constantly reviewing the numbers and how they are tracking to plan and strategy. They will identify risks and opportunities then present a plan back to you including content, marketing, promotional or marketplace recommendations. Using our proprietary forecasting tool, they will create a bottoms up forecast by sku for each year, season, month. Account Managers are your pain point of contact and will review the business with you each week/month.

Marketing Managers

Align with Account Manager to execute Amazon Advertising strategy overall plan

New Customers

The Marketing Mangers align with the Account Manager to ensure their advertising spend is based on the overall strategy. They start with familiarizing themselves with your brand, category and industry. Leveraging industry-leading tools they will create a detailed campaign strategy using branded, non-branded and product keywords. The team uses the full scope of Amazon Advertising tools including Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, Amazon Live and Posts. Your brand’s MM will collaborate with your internal marketing team to create A+/EBC, Brand Store, content for posts and ways to develop brand loyalty. Our MM team monitors campaigns daily to maximize return and stay on budget!

Catalog Managers

They keep the flywheel moving!

Customer Experience
Brand Experience

Catalog Managers make sure content is updated on Amazon. They will send specific recommendations to your marketing team with advise on Amazon best practices for photos, video, comparison charts and whatever the next new opportunity may be that Amazon offers! They walk the Amazon store by style to check all content (titles, images, bullets, description) and reviews to make sure all things are optimized so consumers have a great brand experience.

Behind the Scenes

The True Hero Planning, Finance and Operations teams ensure the brands teams are able to focus on sales and marketing!

These teams makes sure everything is running seamlessly behind the scenes. The planners work closely with account managers and update the forecasting tool as needed. They are the second set of eyes on all projections both internally and externally! The finance team will review all charges from Amazon, all lost items and shipments – they will track down the money on 3P Marketplace. Our operations team will help with shipping for FBA and FBM, check compliance and other metrics in Seller Central to ensure your store is up to Amazon standards.

True Hero vs. Amazon Vendor Services (AVS)

Work Flow Comparison

Task TH Frequency TH AVS
Monthly Newsletter October 2023 Monthly x
New Item Setups (NIS) As needed x x
New Item Setups (NIS) As needed x x
Weekly WTS with focus on top styles/ASINs driving the business Weekly x x
Identify risks and opportunities and intigrate into plan Weekly x
Assist with New Item Launch strategy and execution As needed x x
Monthly Review of keywords: backend, titles, bullets, A+ content Monthly x
Create a bottoms up forecast by sku for each year, season, month Monthly x
A/B Testing on Content Always On x
Review the business with you each week/month Weekly x
Update Titles, Bullets and Descriptions as necessary Weekly x
Fix broken PDP, variations and suppressed ASINs Weekly x x
Amazon Reviews analysis Monthly x x
Amazon Return analysis Monthly x x
Respond to customer questions, feedback, and reviews on Amazon Seller Central Daily x
Create strategy using your brands vision Always On x
Work with brand partners to review business and create overall strategy on Amazon Weekly x
Weekly report reviewing business, risks and opportunties Weekly x
Business Review/Analytics/Reporting Weekly x x
Promotional Strategy and Execution Weekly x x
New Item Launch Strategy and Execution As needed x
Operation Review Monthly x x
Create a detailed campaign strategy using branded, non-branded and product keywords Weekly x
Create a detailed campaign strategy using branded, non-branded and product keywords Weekly x
Monitors campaigns daily to maximize return and stay on budget Daily x
Advertising Account Management Daily x
Create Prime Day plan and execute As needed x x
Utilize Coupons and Events to Increase Traffic As needed x x
Analyze and Strategize SEO Daily x
Utilize Full Scope of Amazon Advertising Tools Daily x
PPC/DSP Strategy and Review on Request Weekly x
Develop Brand Loyalty on Amazon Daily x
Upload and Manage Content As needed x
Send Specific Recommendations to Marketing Team Monthly x
Content Best Practice Direction Monthly
Update Bullets and Images in PDP Daily x x
Create and Update Brand Stores on Amazon Monthly x
Integrate Keywords and SEO to Bullets and Descriptions Monthly
Work with Team to Create Content for Post, Brand Stores, and A+ Weekly x
Create and Manage A+ Pages for Products As needed x x
AVN Negotiation Yearly x
Amazon 3P and Hybrid Support Daily x
We Work for Your Brand - Not Amazon! Always! x
Advocate for Your Brands on Amazon Always! x
Dedicated Team for Your Brands Always! x

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