A full service agency for your Amazon business

We manage Sales, Marketing and Operations for premium brands on Amazon Seller Central, Vendor Central and Hybrid Sellers. What growth can your brand realize by having a team of experts focused on the largest retail platform?

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Why True Hero?

Over 15 years experience on Amazon.

We are a Full Service Agency that specializes in selling on the Amazon Marketplace.

Our team has 75+ combined years of retail experience. We have been working with Amazon for over 15 years. Using our experience, proprietary tools and software we can help navigate Amazon’s complicated algorithm.

What True Hero Does.

Develop your brand & execute a strategy.

True Hero will help your brand develop and execute a strategy specifically for you. Our process starts with hearing your goals and objectives overall and specific to Amazon. Then getting an entire brand strategy outlined. If you are already on Amazon we will review the existing business and give feedback on the next 3-10 things we would do if we were to partner with you (Free!). Next we will lay out a strategy including recommendations on which Amazon platform by style, bottoms up forecast by sku, marketing strategy and promotional plan. It’s not a question of if we can hit the goal. The question is how are we going to reach the goal!

True Hero’s Brand Teams will handle all of your amazon.com needs

  • PPC
  • Forecasting
  • Assortment Planning
  • A+ Content
  • Brand Store
  • New Item set ups
  • Andon Cords
  • Customer Service
  • PDP Updates
  • Title Creation
  • SEO
  • ...and all the other day to day of doing business on Amazon.
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Why Amazon?

Every brand needs a strategy.

If you are on True Hero’s website you are most likely doing or thinking about doing business with Amazon. Every brand needs an Amazon strategy. That strategy could be: not selling to or on Amazon, selling to Amazon (1p), selling on the Amazon Marketplace (3P) or a Hybrid of all three.

Amazon commands 38 % of the E-commerce market share. There is no denying the greatest online opportunity for your business. Don’t go at it alone!